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Hands Across the Water

Sculpture by Sebastian
Mexican artist Sebastian's sculptures teamed with Filipino artist Ben Cab's paintings
Charcoal on paper drawings by Ahmad Zakii
Mexican artist Sebastian
Ahmad Zakii, Powerful, evoking drawings (Charcoal on paper)
Charcoal on paper drawings by Malaysian artist Ahmad Zakii


“Hands Across The Water” will present to visitors to this unique exhibition the result of the immersion of Bencab and Zakii in Mexican cultural life and their dialogue, mutually enriching, with some of the most distinguished actors in the Mexican arts and cultural scene. It was a two way dialogue that also left in Mexico and those who inter-acted with our illustrious visiting artists, a deep and positive impression about the current art trends in their countries and Asia.

Now it is time for you, our kind visitors to the exhibition, to turn your eyes to the works prepared by Bencab and Zakii, inspired in their experience in Mexico. Their works, interacting with the works brought to the exhibition by Sebastián, will speak a language of friendship, common values, history and universal art, which I hope will delight you.

— H. E. Antonio Villegas
Ambassador of Mexico in Singapore

Artists with our Guest of honours Mr Ong Yew Huat (third from left) Chairman of National Heritage Board, and Mexican Ambassador H.E. Antonio Villegas
From left: Mexican artist Sebastian, Malaysian artist Ahmad Zakii, and Filipino artist Ben Cab
There's always "live" music at Temenggong's openings and, of course, a Mexican band for this post-mexico exhibition!
Anticipating crowds at our openings, excited to see the artworks in a specially curated space.